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Online Artisan Chocolate Sale

On E-truria you can buy the best Italian online chocolate , as it is made "as it once was". In fact, the Sperandri company embodies two centuries of history of the Turin chocolate shop in its extruded Gianduiotti and in the hand-cut Cremini .

Made with love for tradition

Through the use of historical machinery , the utmost respect for traditional recipes and raw materials , these craftsmen continue to keep alive the tradition that has made the Turin chocolate world famous .

You cannot fail to try the extruded Gianduiotti, created precisely with the ancient method of extrusion, which does not involve the use of molds. Finally, all the products you see are gluten-free , free of saturated fatty acids of animal origin and palm oil-free .

A competitively priced chocolate

Even if handcrafted, our products have competitive prices : a kg of dark chocolate costs € 29.00. And I remind you that on E-truria the shipping is free over € 49 .

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