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If you are wondering where to buy high quality Italian natural honey, you are in the right place. On E-truria you can buy artisan honey online in a safe and guaranteed way. We have different varieties of honeys available: the classic millefiori , the refined acacia and an original coriander honey which we invite you to try. Of course, as these are handcrafted products, availability is limited and depends on the season .

How is artisan honey obtained?

Our honey is produced with the approach of nomadic beekeeping by the Chiara Miele farm , which consists in moving bees to different areas (in the Bologna area and the province) following the seasonal blooms and thus collecting pollen in a targeted and natural way.

Benefits of honey

Honey is naturally rich in minerals and antioxidants, and the darker the color of the honey, the more antioxidants there are. Pay close attention to us when you choose it. It is known to be useful in appeasing coughs, in the treatment of flu states, and in carrying out antibacterial functions, in controlling blood sugar compared to other sources of sugars. It is a precious source of energy, useful for athletes, children, pregnant women, convalescents and the elderly.

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