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Why are we called e-Truria?

In the IX century b.c., in the center of Italy, a union of cities was created: the ancient Etruria!

Its inhabitants, the Etruscans, became notorious all around the world for their modernity and for loving the good life. Their lucullan banquets were so famous that the greatest poets and writers of those times spoke about them.

Imagine taking part in their rich banquets: men and women celebrating together, music and especially tables full of delicacies.

Like in a painting, there was a rainbow of colors: white cheeses, purple grapes, bright red meat sauces and yellow honey. There were so many smells and tastes, fresh summer fruit and warm brand-new bread.

It was an explosion of tastes, shapes and colors accompanied by lots of strengthening and inebriating wine.

The whole world knows us for the talent for beauty and the passion we have for good food: for more than 3000 years we have been passing down from generation to generation and exporting our culinary traditions and our lifestyle. Celebrating the values of family, love and freedom of expression.

e-Truria combines tradition and modernity: it lets everyone all around the world to get to know and order online Italian traditional foods famous since ancient times.



We support food artisans: little local manufacturers still able to produce the excellence of Italian food and its original taste throughout their artisanship and procedures from the previous generations.

We believe in the therapy of good food: with every bite and taste your palate will be delighted by all the passion and quality behind every artisan creation. Have you ever felt better in front of a good dish and a glass of wine after a bad day?

We respect the wisdom of our ancestors: as our great-grandparents used to say "to do good things, you need passion and patience"

Etruria inspired us! As the old Etruria spread values and traditions in Europe, the new e-Truria will spread good Italian food worldwide.


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