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How e-Truria was born

Emilia, late 90s

Italy was growing and beginning to globalize, supermarkets started appearing like mushrooms after a raining night. But Modena’s hills were different: there were family shops, internet was a strange word and farmers gave you fresh eggs every morning. .
And it is precisely in these areas that two children, Manuel and Lorenzo, went every summer with their family to find some relief from the city heat. And every time they went up with their mother with the car full of apparently useless objects, they stopped in a small shop, hidden from the main road. Here they found a thousand delicious foods that our heroes, after twenty years, still remember: milk, cheese, salami and balsamic vinegar.

Milan, late 1910s

Lorenzo, after a life spent in his native land, decides to move to the great metropolis to work in an internet company: he knows that online is no longer the future, but an important part of our present. Here he eats sushi once a week, becomes a master in the use of chopsticks and finally understands what poké is. But he feels that something is missing.
He remembers, with a touch of nostalgia, those summers spent with his brother on the hills, those colors and those flavors never forgotten. A small tear falls, which however, as soon as it touches the lip, sinks into the enthusiastic smile of someone who has just had a stroke of genius: "Idea! We will bring Italian excellences and artisan products on everyone’s table all around the world". Lorenzo immediately calls his older brother, who, as a lover of good food and an experienced cook, immediately appreciates the idea and decides to start the adventure.

Thus was born Etruria. It is a story of memories and dreams, of traditions and innovations, of brothers and of distances no longer so distant.

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