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Regulations - COOKING WITH e-Truria




The Fiumi Lorenzo company based in Casalecchio di Reno, via Mazzini 6, to increase the sale of its products, calls for the initiative described below:

Europe, nationally, and on e-commerce

from 18 January 2021 to 27 January 2021


  • consumers not registered on the website
  • consumers registered on the website
  • follower instagram page called "e_truria"
  • follower on facebook page called "e_truria"

all e-truria products in the catalog                                                                           

The prizes consist of 2 (two) discount vouchers respectively of € 30.00 and € 15.00 for a total value of € 45.00, which will be given to the two winners of the contest in question, who will publish a photo of their recipe made with one or more products purchased on the e-Truria site, whose preferences of the users will determine the winnings.

  • 1st prize voucher of € 30.00 - and publication of the recipe on the website
  • 2nd prize voucher of € 15.00

These vouchers can be spent on the website by purchasing one or more products in the catalog, without any minimum order required; shipping costs are charged to the buyer according to the regulations published on the website 


  • Follow both the instagram and Facebook pages called “e_truria”.
  • Take a photo of the recipe, with the product used, which you purchased on the site, by any means available (mobile phone, camera, etc.); a small photo retouching operation is allowed that does not distort the contents or the product (if inserted).
  • The inclusion of other commercial products and / or brands of other companies is not allowed except to the extent that these are not recognizable, under penalty of disqualification from the competition.
  • The photographs must be unpublished and must not contain copyrighted images.
  • the inclusion of people or animals is allowed and at the time of publication, the regulation is tacitly accepted see section tacit release for use of images relating to the use of one's own image.
  • The vulgar photos must not contain images of nudity or anything else that could offend public sensitivity, under penalty of disqualification.
The publication of the photo must take place in the following ways:
  • Publication of the photo with which to participate on your facebook or instagram page.
  • The published photo must be tagged to the e_truria profile.
  • or send via direct message on social networks of the photo to be published with description, so the publication will be by the page called "e_truria"
  • The publication must necessarily be made between 00:00 on January 18, 2021 and 23:59 on January 27, 2021. (GMT + 2 time zone) The photos published prematurely or after these dates will not be admitted to the competition.

The two photos that have been most successful in terms of "like" will win the prizes and the winners will be communicated through the social profiles of "e_truria"

  • the winners of the contest will be nominated through a specific POST on Monday 01/02
  • the prize will be delivered via private message through social channels and will expire on 15/02
  • the count of likes will be done net of bots, fake profiles or other automatisms, subject to verification of the latter
  • The recipe will be published on the website on 01/02/21


  • the voucher will be valid for 15 (fifteen) days from 01/02/21 to 15/02/21
  • the discount code will not be transferable to third parties
  • it cannot be combined with other promotions
  • Failure to use discount vouchers in the manner indicated and during the period of validity will result in their forfeiture.
  • Fiumi Lorenzo Company will not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury suffered or suffered as a result of using the coupon.
  • The cancellation of the account on the website will have the immediate effect of the immediate forfeiture of the linked discount coupons.
  • The Discount Coupons are not intended as cash but only as a tool to take advantage of discounts on orders placed from this website this aforementioned no type of economic recognition can be requested for any reason, even during the validity period of the discount coupons. by the owners of the accounts registered on the site.
  • Any partial use of the discount voucher will not give the right to a refund of the unused excess

The Fiumi Lorenzo company reserves the right to modify, even partially, or suspend, at any time, the methods and other provisions of this contest, by communicating such changes on its website.



free of charge, also pursuant to art. 10 and 320 cod. civ. and art. 96 and 97 law 22.4.1941, n. 633, Law on copyright, the use of photos or videos taken during the initiatives and events organized by Etruria di Lorenzo Fiumi during the evenings that shoot myself, as well as authorizing the conservation of the photos and audio / video themselves in the computer archives, and the permanent publication of the winning recipe on the site of the Etruria di Lorenzo Fiumi company

This release / authorization may be revoked at any time by written communication to be sent by ordinary mail to the following address Via G. Mazzini 6 40033 Casalecchio di Reno BO or to the following e-mail address:


Dear interested party who provides Etruria di Lorenzo Fiumi with your personal data, we wish to inform you that the "European Regulation 2016/679 concerning the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, as well as the free circulation of such data" (from now on then GDPR) provides for the protection of persons and other subjects regarding the processing of personal data. 

La Etruria di Lorenzo Fiumi, as "Owner" of the treatment, pursuant to article 13 of the GDPR, therefore, provides you with the following information: 

Purpose of the processing: La Etruria di Lorenzo Fiumi will process your personal data for the SUMMER 2020 contest

Methods of data processing: The personal data you provide will be subject to processing operations in compliance with the aforementioned legislation and the confidentiality obligations which inspire the activity of Etruria di Lorenzo Fiumi.

These data will be processed both with IT tools and on paper and on any other type of suitable support, in compliance with the security measures provided for by the GDPR. 

Whether consent is mandatory or not: The provision of your data is optional. 

Failure to consent will not allow the use of the images and / or audiovisual footage of the interested party for the purposes indicated above.

Communication and dissemination of data: Within the limits relevant to the processing purposes indicated, personal data (images and audiovisual recordings) may not be disclosed to third parties.

These data will be disseminated on social networks, company website and / or other marketing activities, in full compliance with the aforementioned legislation.

Data Controller and Managers: The data controller is Lorenzo Fiumi.

The data processors are promptly identified in the Privacy Document, updated every year, and duly appointed. Rights of the interested party: At any time you can exercise your rights towards the data controller, pursuant to Articles from 15 to 22 and art. 34 of the GDPR.

Retention period: The data collected will be kept for a period of time not exceeding the achievement of the purposes for which they are processed ("conservation limitation principle", Article 5, GDPR) and / or for the time necessary for legal obligations. The verification of the obsolescence of the data stored in relation to the purposes for which they were collected is carried out periodically.
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