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CHIANTI DOCG 2018 IN FIASCO DA 1 LITRO - Vini - Tenuta di Sticciano - e-Truria


Tenuta di Sticciano

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Area: Italy, Tuscany
Winery: Sticciano estate

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Aged cheese

  • Color: ruby red
  • Aroma: Range of fruity and spicy scents with intense notes of ripe fruit, violets, leather, tobacco and a hint of sweet spices
  • Taste: Intense and enveloping, with good freshness and pleasant persistence
  • Pairing: Risotto with meat sauces, stewed or grilled red meat, game and aged cheeses

Chianti Fiasco wine descends into the glass with its medium intensity ruby red color. The nose alternates varietal notes of Sangiovese, such as citrus peel, violet, and salty gusts, with other more spicy notes due to aging, such as tobacco, leather and cinnamon. The harmony of perceptions is the prelude to a sip that rhythmically joins matter and freshness, without forgetting the sapidity of which the liquid is endowed and which lengthens its persistence. Beautiful everyday and convivial wine, even given the format, providential on the table every day.

The farm is the origin of the formation of the colonists' houses where guests are staying today, everything comes from agriculture. The cultivation project marries that of natural and sustainable agriculture, certified organic, but well beyond the quality standards of certification. This choice is not dictated by fashion, but by a cultural path (fashions pass, culture does not!). It is a serious and determined choice, without compromise. Agriculture, in particular viticulture, is a private act in a public place.

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