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Miele di Acacia "Chiara Miele" 250 gr - e-Truria
Miele di Acacia "Chiara Miele" 250 gr - e-Truria
Load image into Gallery viewer, Miele di Acacia "Chiara Miele" 250 gr - e-Truria
Load image into Gallery viewer, Miele di Acacia "Chiara Miele" 250 gr - e-Truria

Acacia Honey "Chiara Miele" 250 gr

Chiara Miele

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  • Texture: liquid, but it can crystalize with time
  • Color: from clear light yellow to amber yellow 
  • Scent: very delicate, it recalls sugared almonds
  • Taste: very sweet and delicate at the same time. Suitable for sweeten foods in which you want to keep the original taste

Acacia honey comes from the pseudo acacia locust, a plant of the mimosa family, so it’s also called locust honey. This kind of honey with a flower smell and a sweet taste comes from the acacia flowers, after bees pollinated them.

It is a monofloral honey coming from beehives of an area in which there are many plants of the same species, so the bee will certainly pollinate them. On the opposite, the millefiori honey comes from beehives of an area in which there are different species of plants.

But what does Acacia honey look like?

His straw or amber yellow color is hard to crystalize, so its consistency is mostly liquid like syrup.
Its smell is flourish and delicate and the taste is not too sweet, which means it’s perfect for cold dishes because it won’t cover their taste.

This honey is excellent when used in cold preparations because it does not cover the other flavors. Have you ever tried to sweeten your coffee or your herbal tea with Acacia honey?

Considering it does not contain gluten it is perfect for celiac people.

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Acacia honey

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