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Miele di Coriandolo "Chiara Miele" 250 gr - e-Truria
Miele di Coriandolo "Chiara Miele" 250 gr - e-Truria
Load image into Gallery viewer, Miele di Coriandolo "Chiara Miele" 250 gr - e-Truria
Load image into Gallery viewer, Miele di Coriandolo "Chiara Miele" 250 gr - e-Truria

Coriander Honey "Chiara Miele" 250 gr

Chiara Miele

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  • Texture: Crystallized
  • Color: light orange
  • Scent: Sweet and refreshing
  • Taste: sweet, with a notch of coconut/mou candy at the end

A honey still made according to tradition, without added syrups, but only through the natural course of time, and the work of our bee friends, as our grandparents did.

The coriander honey has a rare and fine nectar because the plant does not always flower every year. It’s a nectar with high antiseptic properties so it can be a disinfectant and straighten our immunity defenses. There are testimonies of its therapeutic use since ancient times. The main coriander action takes place in the stomach and in the intestines: it stimulates digestion and the appetite, is a natural sedative for stomachache and facilitates the expulsion of intestinal gases. Recent studies demonstrated its depurative effect from polluting substances absorbed from around us.

But what does Acacia honey look like?

Crystallization: it crystalize in short times and becomes amber/light orange with a noticeable consistency

Smell: Very characteristic: aromatic, vegetal, and warm. It recalls food products or coconut cosmetics 

Taste: Average sweet, slightly acid, refreshing and with an imperceptible bitter notch.


How to taste it: try it for breakfast in the tea or infuses. It’s good also on red meat (like beef) or white (like chicken. Furthermore, thanks to the granularity of its crystals, it enhances the flavor of cheeses, even the blue-veined.  Let it slowly melt in your mouth and if you want to dare, try it on foods you usually eat with curry, even boiled vegetables.

Everyone can use the coriander honey, especially people intolerant to nickel! The coriander helps purifying from heavy metals.

Curiosity: In the 14th century, during Venice Carnival, the coriander fruits were crystallized and thrown for good luck: it’s how paper coriander were born.

Important informations

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Coriander honey

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