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Miele Millefiori "Chiara Miele" 250 gr - e-Truria
Miele Millefiori "Chiara Miele" 250 gr - e-Truria
Wildflower Honey "Chiara Miele" 250 gr
Load image into Gallery viewer, Miele Millefiori "Chiara Miele" 250 gr - e-Truria
Load image into Gallery viewer, Miele Millefiori "Chiara Miele" 250 gr - e-Truria
Load image into Gallery viewer, Wildflower Honey "Chiara Miele" 250 gr

Wildflower Honey "Chiara Miele" 250 gr

Chiara Miele

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  • Texture: liquid tending to full-bodied, but can crystallize over time
  • Color: ranges from dark, cloudy to amber orange
  • Scent: strong, with floral notes
  • Taste: sweet and at the same time delicate. The taste of grandmothers' wildflower honey

A unique concentrate of different flavors, made by only ITALIAN BEES.
Wildflower honey is one of the most common and widespread, but it is an important energy food, never the same from year to year, and is an extract of the territory and season in which the bees produced this nectar.
This honey has a great aromatic richness, because it is the result of the inspiration of nature, and of the skilled hands of the beekeeper Chiara, who through a careful mixing of the nectar of the bees, creates a palette of extraordinary shades and gradations that can give sensations every time new and unexpected. It is rich in nutrients and is a super ally to combat seasonal evils, for those who are growing or for those who need to reinvigorate their strength, for children, pregnant women and the elderly.
It can be a useful nutritional supplement for pregnant women, as well as for those recovering. It is also a precious source of energy for athletes.
It does not contain gluten, so it is also suitable for those with celiac disease or intolerances. Pay attention only to the false myths: it is not true that a honey is of quality only if it is liquid. Crystallization is a natural process and is a sign of its genuineness. In other words, it is an inherent feature of honey.

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Wildflower honey 

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Do not expose to direct sunlight

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